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Hinge vs Bumble: which is the dating app for you?

Hinge vs Bumble: which is the dating app for you?

Chipotle vs Taco Bell, Coke vs Pepsi, Hinge vs Bumble-the preferences for dating apps are as subjective as your go-to burrito spot. But that doesnt mean we cant judge one app to be superior anyway.

With many different ways to online date out there, two apps lead the pack in popularity: Hinge, the dating app that is “designed to be deleted,” and Bumble, the one-stop-shop for dating, business, and friendship.

But between Hinge vs Bumble, which takes the top spot in the best dating apps battle? First, we need to know what makes them stand apart. Weve broken it down for you before you even have to download anything from the App Store.

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What makes Hinge different from other dating apps?

In one corner we have Hinge, a strong contender in the dating app world, with an interface that pushes personal connections and forces the user to make more effort with their profile than ever before.

A series of question prompts like “I wont shut up about…” allows users to start conversations with something other than a basic “hey.”

What makes Bumble different from other dating apps??

Fighting Hinge for the heavyweight champion title of “best dating app”, Bumble is a platform thats been around for a while and features a focus on the female. On Bumble, women have to message first and from then, the countdown is on as their match has 24 hours in which to respond.

Sticking to a classic swipe right or left system, Bumble doesnt overly complicate matters but improves on the original layout laid out by dating app competitor Tinder.

So between Hinge vs Bumble, which is better?

For the people using these apps, however, these small distinctions can be the difference between bagging a partner and being pied. Speaking to an open casting of single and officially matched ladies, the ups and downs of both Hinge and Bumble became totally apparent. Read More